Baba Yaga seized the official Telegram channel of Sochi Park

The official account of the first theme amusement park changed its name to "Baba Yaga's telegram" and came under the control of an enterprising old woman. A luxurious Southern residence, a big autumn birthday festival, leading roles in the show and the love of thousands of fans around the world - for absolute happiness, the main star of Sochi Park lacked only her own Telegram channel, and now she has Baba Yaga's Telegram.

“Spring is a time of change, so I'm staging a fairy tale coup, and now everything will be my way. In my cart, I will publish my best photos and smart thoughts, talk about the main events of Sochi Park and show all our magical everyday life. ”, - says Baba Yaga.

The offline influence of the fairy-tale old lady will also expand - her calendar includes meetings with fans outside the theme park, she will announce the exact dates in her Telegram. Now, in his free time from the Telegram channel, Baba Yaga can be seen in interactive shows that take place in the Southern Residence of Sochi Park. The park is open from 11.00 to 20.00, from April 30, the opening hours will increase from 10.00 to 22.00.

More information - in "Baba Yaga's Telegram"
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