Unlimited in a fairytale: new tariffs for Sochi Park

Plan and save! We introduce you to the profitable offers of the seventh season, which are already presented at the box office and on the website.

Sochi Park - this single ticket includes a visit to the Dolphinarium, Atomarium, Sovarium, children's development areas and other activities. There is no need to pay for each attraction separately - unlimited rentals on all slides, swings and carousels are already included! Available for purchase at the box office and on the website.

Sochi Park 2 days is a single ticket for 2 days. Sochi Park is a huge entertainment area. There are so many wonderful things here that it is easy to get carried away and not notice how this magical day ended. Take the opportunity to visit the park two days in a row, saving up to 40% on the cost of two tickets! Available at the box office and on the website.

Sochi Park + includes all the advantages of a single ticket and one rental on the Wheel of Time. We have already planned your ideal hike in Sochi Park: visit the attractions during the day, watch the incredible views of the sea and mountains from the Wheel of Time in the evening. The combo offer with evening rental on the Wheel will save up to 20%, with day rental - up to 10%! Available for purchase at the checkout and on the website.

Annual subscription is your unlimited fairytale! Come to the park every day, do not miss a single event and save as much as possible. The cost of one subscription is equal to the cost of only 7 tickets! The annual card is personalized, it is valid daily, including periods of thematic holidays and walking days. This is ideal if you want to spend every weekend in the park, showing all the wonders of our amazing territory to family and friends that we may not have yet. The quantity is limited, the sale is carried out at the box office from March 19 to October 14. Be careful, the subscription is not suspended.

Presale for the main holidays of 2021. Let's paraphrase a wise expression - whoever gets up early will get into a fairy tale more profitably! Tickets for Baba Yaga's birthday, New Year's holidays, Sochi Park's birthday and other holidays in 2021 with a 30% discount are already available on the website. Our offer will help you create a fairy tale for yourself now and plan your weekend for the year ahead, and do it profitably. The offer is available only on sochipark.ru.

Check out the full list of tariffs here.

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To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free