The jungle is calling! Playgrounds opened in Sochi Park

Space Jungle Playground, Sunny Reef Spray Zone and Eco Village await children and adults again from June 24!

The moment will soon come when the attractions of Sochi Park will be open all day. The opening will begin with the playgrounds — this is just the beginning!

See a refreshing splash area with mesmerizing fountains and water swings on the Sunny Reef. There is also an Eco Village with a real lake crossing and the Space Jungle in the Land of Science and Fiction, where children compete in strength, flexibility and agility.

More mobile ice cream and lemonade pavilions will open for you.

Tickets for the walk can be purchased at the Sochi Park ticket offices. If you already bought a ticket with an open date on the website, keep it until the opening of the attractions, entertainment, shows in the dolphinarium return to the usual program, and the wonderful Land of Medvediya will open! All these activities will appear a little later, at the next stages of the opening of Sochi Park.

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To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free