Pele the Sea Lion is the new artist of the Sochi Park Dolphinarium

From October 16, a sea lion named Pele will start performing at the Sochi Park Dolphinarium. The new artist arrived from the Big Sochi Dolphinarium, where the fur seal Semyon, the star of the Sochi Park Dolphinarium, now performs.

Pele is a great professional, behind whom there are many performances both in domestic arenas and at a foreign site in Qatar. Sonorous singing, fins' stands, catching rings and balancing the ball - the marine artist performs these complex tricks superbly, therefore, instantly wins the hearts of the audience. For 2 years Fedor Kovalev has been training him, together they will present a new program at the Sochi Park Dolphinarium.

Pele is very positive, as friendly as possible for a sea lion. During performances, he always shows his skills and professionalism. He is a very charismatic and talented artist, and I am sure that the audience of Sochi Park will warmly welcome him
Fedor Kovalev
Sochi Park Dolphinarium Trainer

Shows at the dolphinarium are included in the price of a single admission ticket to Sochi Park. From October 16, shows will run daily at 13:30 and 16:30, and on November 4, three shows are planned at 13:30, 16:00 and 18:00. The current schedule of performances, as well as the time of other shows and events of the park, can be found in the section " Playbill and opening hours of the park ".

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