Sochi Park will celebrate Easter and Victory Day

Easter spring in Sochi Park will begin on May 2. The park will be decorated with many painted eggs, and Easter bunnies will hide in the flower beds. Themed photos of the zone will appear in the park, where you can take a picture with a Russian stove, a painted samovar and Easter cakes, and everyone can tie a ribbon and make a wish on the tree of happiness. Festive performances and master classes will be held at the residence of Baba Yaga, it will turn into an Easter courtyard in honor of the holiday.

Sochi Park will host the Three Kingdoms Tournament on May 9. The fairytale heroes of Sochi Park will hold a competition for strength, agility and erudition. The animation program will continue to work in all the thematic lands of Sochi Park, you can also watch shows in the dolphinarium, sovarium, atomarium.

Sochi Park is open from 10.00 to 22.00 from April 30 to May 10. All entertainment is included in a single ticket that can be easily purchased online.

In addition, buying tickets on the website is profitable. Annual passes are already available, allowing you to visit the park every day, while paying a cost equal to only 7 visits.

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