Take advantage of the rental of baby strollers and comfy trolleys

The comfort of our guests is a priority for the Sochi Park team. We have launched rental of comfortable trolleys and baby carriages for the convenience of visitors. These are indispensable helpers for those who have a rest with small children or bulky bags. 

The rental is located near the information center on the Alley of Lights. 

We also remind you that the park has lockers with an electronic lock and storage rooms for small luggage with the ability to report and get things.

Cost of services:
  • Luggage storage - 200 rubles,
  • Automatic luggage room (locker) - 150 rubles, 
  • Rent of baby strollers - 400 rubles, 
  • Rent of hand cart - 600 rubles. 
Choose ticket
To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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