The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +20
The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +20

Barrier-free environment

Sochi Park is a facility adapted to the barrier-free environment requirements. Free access to the park for disabled people is provided by separate specialized wide gates and ramps at the entrances. In the park, ramps have been made along the route of the main streams of visitors, spacious toilet rooms have been equipped and adapted for disabled people. Operators of the amusement rides have undergone special trainings to accompany and assist disabled people.

Built on the territory of Sochi Park the new hotel-castle “Bogatyr” has a separate building equipped with rooms that are specially designed and equipped for disabled people. The premises have been awarded with the international standard of accessibility.

For disabled people of group I, disabled children and people over 60 years of age upon presentation of the relevant documents the discounted tickets are offered — 10 rubles at the rates “Walking”, “Sochi Park all day long”, “Day” (from 16:00 until the end of the working day), “Wheel of Time” and “Wheel of Time, evening”.

Special discount tickets are provided to disabled persons of groups II and III of all degrees and groups of working ability, veterans / disabled combatants, as well as accompanying a disabled person of group I, disabled child (1 accompanying person).

The discounted ticket price is not a one-time promotion action and is offered permanently.

Check out the full list of rates and tariffs for Sochi Park services.

Before buying a ticket, read the rules for ordering and purchasing of tickets.

The organizer reserves the right to change the price unilaterally.

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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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