The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +21
The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +21

EcoSpring Festival

Favorite attractions, the best shows and something new in spring – April will be held under the sign of "eco"! Have fun, smile and help nature at the same time at the park's first eco-festival. Follow the Sea Princess, the official mascot of the festival – we are starting green season!

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Blooming park from the height of The Fire Dragon Gorynych


And who is this green one hiding in the Enchanted Forest? Of course, The Fire Dragon Gorynych! We advise you: start the day with this extreme roller coaster, and then you will easily conquer the rest of the attractions! Ride as much as you want – unlimited rentals are already included in a single ticket!


More entertainment means more benefits

эко шоу

In April, in addition to our traditional dolphin shows, excursions to the Atomarium and Owl Emporium, you will also find entertainment shows dedicated to the "green" theme of the festival. And the main novelty of the season is eco–friendly quizzes and quizzes. Come participate!

Eco-friendly quests quizzes and other shows

Environmental photo exhibitions, installations and photo zones


Traditionally, a thematic atmosphere is created in the park for a certain festival, and EcoSpring will not be an exception. We invite you to take a look at our Eco-Logical photo exhibition, installations made of recycled materials and new "green" photo zones.

Help nature without leaving Sochi Park

And it will be modern, eco-friendly, bright and not boring at all! On the streets of the park, we installed cool devices – fandomats for receiving plastic containers, a bicycle shredder for plastic recycling and a logging terminal for forest restoration. Join our useful initiatives, help the planet with business!


Interactive eco-attraction "Bike Shredder"

On the interactive animation "Take care of the Planet" you will be able to participate in light quizzes about the environment together with the magical inhabitants of Sochi Park, take a memorable photo and get an eco-souvenir using a special device "bike shredder" – a hybrid of a bicycle and a shredder. All that is required of you is participation and any plastic lid!

How the bike shredder works:

1) Place the lid in the container at the top of the installation;

2) Get on the bike, pedal and thereby activate the crusher (shredder);

3) You will get crushed plastic, from which you can make branded magnets;

4) Take the branded magnet with you as a keepsake.

Installation location: Fairy Tale Theater (Eco village).
Working period: until the end of the year.



A fandomat is a device that allows you to accumulate a large volume of plastic containers in one place, thereby reducing the filling capacity of ordinary urns. Do you want to throw away an empty plastic bottle? Use the fandomat!

1) You hand over the container to the fandomat. 5 points are awarded for each container unit.

2) After handing over the container, the user receives a unique QR code that contains information about the number of points. It is displayed on the display of the fandomat or on the receipt.

3) Activate the QR code and the points are credited to the personal account of the loyalty system.

4) The loyalty system includes bonuses and partner offers. To choose a bonus, go to the app store and spend the points as you see fit.

Installation location: near the Dolphinarium (Kid’s Zone) and on the food court of the Festival Square (Enchanted Forest).
Period of operation: constantly.


Reforestation Terminal

An interactive stand that allows everyone to plant a tree in just a few touches and help restore the forest. By touching the screen, the visitor starts the tree planting process.

This happens as follows:

1) Choose the territory of a forest plantation;

2) Digging a hole;

3) Planting a seedling;

4) Watering the tree;

5) Enter your name or the name of the person to whom the landing is dedicated in the certificate;

6) You pay the cost of planting a tree;

7) You receive a certificate of the tree planting;

8) After the actual planting of the tree in the next planting season, you will receive confirmation that the tree has been planted, with a photo report and GPS coordinates of the planting.

Installation location: near the information center (Alley of Lights).
Opening period: during the entire eco-festival from April 1 to April 30.

Раздельные урны

Separate bins – friends, help us, separate the garbage!

Walking through the themed lands, pay attention to the urns with three compartments for separate collection, there are thirty-two of them in Sochi Park. We share plastic, metal cans and mixed trash.

After that, these wastes arrive at our sorting center, which was opened in March 2023. Here they are sorted, pressed and prepared for shipment for further disposal.

We turn plastic bottles, lids, polyethylene film and metal cans into valuable raw materials that do not end up in landfills, but in factories where they are successfully processed.

Урны для батареек

Dispose of the batteries usefully

It is harmful to the environment to dispose of batteries and accumulators belonging to Hazard Class II. In Sochi Park and the Bogatyr Castle Hotel, we collect such waste in special bins, and then hand over the raw materials for neutralization and disposal.

Join our useful initiatives, throw batteries only into the designated bins!

Installation location: Bogatyr Castle Hotel and entrance turnstiles in Sochi Park.
Period of operation: constantly.

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25 may 2024
2 day
Sochi Park 2 days

Visit to Sochi Park 2 days in a row for guests with a height of 107.1 cm and above

We give 1 lap of riding on the "The Wheel of Time" attraction (Ferris wheel), a 50% discount on the tariff of the "The Races of the Warriors" attraction "Races of 5 laps", as well as a 50% discount on visiting the Medvediya kids center. The services are provided in a complementary manner.
The number of tickets is limited.

Only 1 person can use the ticket without transferring the ticket to third parties.

3 300 ₽
25 may 2024
Sochi Park

Visiting Sochi Park for guests with a height of 107.1 cm. The price includes a discount of 100 rubles.

We give a 50% discount on the tariff of the "The Races of the Warriors" attraction "5 Lap Races" and a 50% discount on visiting the Medvediya kids center (services are provided in a complementary way)
The number of tickets is limited.

Only 1 person can use the ticket without transferring the ticket to third parties.

2 400 ₽
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