The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +21
The park is open: 10:00 – 21:00 +21

Event poster of the EcoSpring Festival

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Welcome animation "Ecofestival"

Alley of Lights

From the first minutes, guests are immersed in the eco–atmosphere, signs "eco-friendly", "ecofestival", "Sochipark", "Beregiplanet" for photos – for everyone! The artists of the welcome show in unusual eco-images will definitely charge for the love of nature!

Интерактивно-развлекательная программа

Interactive entertainment program "Useful tips"

12:00, 16:30< br> Enchanted Forest, Southern residence of Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga helps everywhere! Not only the guests of the park and the fairy-tale characters, but also the environment. She is the main guardian of the Enchanted Forest and takes care of the world's ecology. He starts small – his favorite vegetable garden! To make the harvest a success, our Yaga shares the magical advice of a noble gardener.

Интерактивная анимация

Interactive animation "Take care of the planet"

12:30, 14:30, 17:00< br> Eco village, Fairy Tale Theater

Children and adults will find out how many opportunities everyone has to help the environment! Non-boring quizzes about ecology and nature, interesting facts and a lot of benefits. In the final of the competition, the guests will receive an eco-souvenir made with the help of a special eco-device – a bicycle shredder.

Музыкальный перформанс

Musical performance "Sounds of Nature"

Hang 12:30, 15:00, 18:00 – Enchanted Forest, the gate
The violin 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 – Enchanted Forest, Festival Square
Piano 14:30, 17:30, 18:30 – Land of Science and Fiction

On the streets of the park, guests will meet amazing musicians playing touching melodies on various instruments. The sound of the violin, piano and extraordinary hanga reflect the mood of the natural elements.

Шоу мыльных пузырей

Soap bubble show "Stories of the Fabulous Sea"

12:30, 16:00< br> Land of Science and Fiction

The Sea Princess and the Sailors will tell the young viewers an amazing story about how important it is to appreciate the extraordinary marine world. Not only soap miracles will help them in this, but unusual participants of the performance: A ship named Borya and a friend of the Sea Princess, a Bubble fish.

Секреты леса

Children's animation "Secrets of the Forest"

13:00, 17:30< br> Enchanted Forest

Trolls Truffle and Govorushka, Baba Yaga's favorite nephews, are in full possession of the Enchanted Forest. They will tell young naturalists about magical plants, teach them how to remember the names of trees and distinguish leaves in a playful way. And then – a photo for memory!

Фотосессия и автограф-сессия с Бабой Ягой и Морской Царевной

Photo shoot and autograph session with Baba Yaga and the Sea Princess

With Baba Yaga 13:30 – Enchanted Forest, Southern Residence Baba Yagi
With the Sea Princess 14:00 – Sea Kingdom, the Sea Princess Photo Zone

Baba Yaga and the Sea Princess love nature very much and always take care of the environment. They take care of the planet – there is no other! Guests will be able to chat with their favorite heroines and take photos with them in the Southern Residence of Baba Yaga and the Sea Kingdom.

Шоу дельфинов

Dolphin and Sea lion Show

From April 1 to 27, 13:30, 16:30
From April 28 to April 30 12:00, 15:00, 18:00< br> Kid’s Zone, Dolphinarium

The program includes Black Sea bottlenose dolphins Sonya, Mary, Eric and Eureka and the sea lion Bomboro. Exciting jumps, synchronized swimming, naughty games, riding a coach on his back – these and other tricks delight viewers of all ages every time.

Day off is Tuesday, except April 30th.


Eco-quizzes "Eco-friendly"

14:00, 17:00< br> Enchanted Forest, Festival Square

An interactive team game in several rounds, on-stage quizzes and fun eco-themed contests. The process will be managed by the favorite fairy-tale characters of Sochi Park.

Любимые встречи с Бабой Ягой

Eco-trail (quest) with fairy-tale characters

Eco village

In an exciting quest, children and adults will learn how to sort things correctly, learn how to help preserve the seas and oceans, be able to show environmental erudition and be surprised by interesting eco-facts.

Вечерняя анимация

Evening animation "Clear Sea"

Alley of Lights

The incredible atmosphere of the underwater world! At the bottom of the sea you can meet amazing inhabitants – big fish, a beautiful jellyfish and a wise turtle. Guests will chat with fairy-tale characters and take pictures with them.

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25 may 2024
2 day
Sochi Park 2 days

Visit to Sochi Park 2 days in a row for guests with a height of 107.1 cm and above

We give 1 lap of riding on the "The Wheel of Time" attraction (Ferris wheel), a 50% discount on the tariff of the "The Races of the Warriors" attraction "Races of 5 laps", as well as a 50% discount on visiting the Medvediya kids center. The services are provided in a complementary manner.
The number of tickets is limited.

Only 1 person can use the ticket without transferring the ticket to third parties.

3 300 ₽
25 may 2024
Sochi Park

Visiting Sochi Park for guests with a height of 107.1 cm. The price includes a discount of 100 rubles.

We give a 50% discount on the tariff of the "The Races of the Warriors" attraction "5 Lap Races" and a 50% discount on visiting the Medvediya kids center (services are provided in a complementary way)
The number of tickets is limited.

Only 1 person can use the ticket without transferring the ticket to third parties.

2 400 ₽
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