Sochi Park arranges fantastic and unforgettable holidays! We give discounts and an entertaining show surrounded by fairy-tale characters on your birthday.

Program of active rest

It’s a good way to start your birthday with an adventure! Birthday kid, take your friends and go on a trip to Sochi Park. The path begins with a mesmerizing Alley of Lights, where heroes of fairy tales live in their chambers. Together with them you will go through an intricate quest, and each participant will be able to show personal abilities. Come on, let’s run forward to fun!

The program may include:

  • quest in the park, accompanied by two artists;
  • ride on attractions;
  • giving the badge “Birthday visitor of Sochi Park”;
  • giving the treasure gift, presentation of coins with Sochi Park’s symbols.
  • Additionally, the program can be diversified with master classes.

    Quest and master classes are paid separately.

    Choose a thematic quest according to your taste

    Quest “In search of treasures”

    You will fight the sea monster and go in search of treasures! The pirate ship moored ahead of schedule in Sochi Park. Captain Blackbeard and his comrade Seledka want to have some fun! Pirates will give nicknames to each party member and you will embark on an adventure together! The team will face interesting and difficult challenges that must be overcome in order to find the hidden chest with Captain Flint’s gold!

    Spy Birthday “Agents, go ahead!”

    Based on the breath-taking Bond film this quest requires only the best special agents, who can solve the bold bank robbery. Sochi Park Case No. 1 is being solved by Mrs. Pug and Mr. Halls. They will help the birthday kid and the guest team dive into an exciting quest. Participants need to show logic, knowledge and agility. Following the map they will complete tasks and solve the crime task. After solving the crime, all special agents will receive a reward.

    “Ball of Princesses” — a magical transformation!

    A young birthday girl on her birthday becomes the heroine of a real fairy tale. The birthday girl will be helped by the wonderful Princess and the handsome Prince. Together they will have to find the princess of Sochi Park. Many obstacles wait for them on their way. In the final of the fantastic quest, the birthday girl will have a red carpet, a festive coronation and the conferring upon the girl of the title of “Princess of Sochi Park”. As a gift, guests receive commemorative coins with the symbols of Sochi Park, the “Birthday kid of Sochi Park” badge, as well as a crown and ribbon “The Princess of Sochi Park”.

    “Baby congratulations” is a fabulous holiday!

    An unforgettable birthday in the circle of fairytale heroes! Let your child spend their birthday in a special way! Wonderful Princess and Prince Charming, Winx Fairy with Tiger Cub, Dunno, Malvina — these or other characters of the fantastic world will become true friends for children. The birthday boy receives helium balloons and a Sochi Park birthday boy badge.

    Quest “Enchanted Park”

    Be a part of the legend! A weapon that has no equal on Earth. It was created by a sorcerer 100 years ago, but he could not cope with the power of his invention. The generator exploded, and parts of it scattered around the world. Some of them got lost on the territory of Sochi Park. Only the most daring participants of the quest will be able to find them. If all the parts are not put together in time, the park is in trouble. At the end of the quest, all guests will find a bright Tesla show and a gift — nominal coins and the Sochi Park birthday badge.

    Quest “School of superheroes”

    Only the strongest, bravest and most agile can become a superman! Sochi Park invites young guests to the superheroes school! The team will have to overcome a difficult and dangerous test — to defuse the bomb! Then cope with the laser web, obstacle course and learn how to shoot accurately. Then the recruits can stop the clockwork and get the title of superhero! At the end of the quest, participants will be awarded with diplomas of the “School of Superheroes”.

    Birthday workshops

    We propose to supplement the birthday program with amazing master classes!

    Ebru workshop

    Ebru is a unique technique of painting on water with special oil-based paints, creating the incredible airy drawings.

    T-shirt painting workshop

    Wear your creative with pride! Create a dream print in a T-shirt painting workshop. Drawings can even withstand repeated washing because they are made with high-quality paints and with love!

    Workshop on painting plaster figures

    Unleash your imagination at a master class on painting plaster figures. You will see how the gray sculpture will transform into something beautiful, you just have to take a brush and bright paints. You can take the finished figurines with you.

    Birthday conditions in Sochi Park

    Duration of the program:

    • “Standard” — 1 hour
    • “Two hours of joy” — 2 hours

    Please apply for the program at least 3 working days in advance. You can call us every day from 10.00 to 18.00 by phone: +7 988 403-01-44.

    Maximum number of participants: 10 people.

    Entry tickets to the park for guests of the birthday kid are paid additionally at a special price. The discount ticket price includes thrilling rides, amazing shows, games and all-day entertainment!

    We want every birthday to be unique, therefore we support the initiative of our clients. If you have your own vision of the holiday — tell us about it. We will try to make your plans and ideas come true.

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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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