Passage to Sochi Park is carried out with an entrance ticket, which includes a stay in the park, an unlimited number of amusement rides, visits to playgrounds, entertainment and an animation program.
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Thematic lands

The fairy-tale world of Sochi Park has eight thematic lands, in each of which unforgettable adventures await the guests.

A journey to the wonderful world of Sochi Park begins from the Alley of Lights. Our animators wish you a nice magical day.

Chernomor lives in the Bogatyr`s Land, a Ladya Giant Swing are waiting for the guests to board on, and master classes are held in the Handicraft Workshop.

The main attraction of the Enchanted Forest is the South residence of Baba Yaga with a hut on chicken legs, its owner is always glad to have the guests. There is also a Owl Emporium with rare bird species.

You can fight pirates in the Sea Kingdom, roll off the top of a huge wave, or play in the splashes of the Sun Reef waterfalls.

The Land of Science and Fiction invites you to take the Quantum Leap on one of the most extreme attractions in the world, have something tasty in the Roller Restaurant and complete quests in the Space Jungle.

You can buy an ice cream at a local café and relax by the mill pond with a miniature ferry in Eco Village..

The Kid’s Zone offers entertainment for the youngest visitors to Sochi Park. The rocking attractions, the Snail Express train, funny rides and shows in the dolphinarium are very popular among the kids.

Medvediya Country is a children’s entertainment center with trampoline complexes, slides, labyrinths and children’s carousels.

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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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