Sochi Park Kid’s Academy

The Children’s Academy of Sochi Park is a manifestation of love to science and art, it is learning through games, developing creativity and spatial thinking! Own laboratory is Lego sandbox and 3D modeling. Be sure the young researchers will not get bored in our classes!

Sochi Park Kid’s Academy is a thematic children’s club where a child can have fun and benefit. 240 square meters of abstractness in children’s imagination, 5 themed zones of creativity, playful learning and commitment, as well as thousands of LEGO bricks, which are the best simulator for imagination.

  • Creative workshop,
  • Agricultural laboratory of Michurinists (agricultural experimenters),
  • Design department,
  • LEGO novelty store,
  • Playground for outdoor activities.

The Academy laboratory has modern microscopes. Children get acquainted with the variety of sea and river algae, study mushrooms and plants. Also, visitors to the laboratory will learn about the secrets of a living cell and the amazing world of bionics.

Club curators use games and interactive teaching technologies for the convenience of information perception. Academic science is becoming available even for the smallest researchers.

You can create your own LEGO world in the Sochi Park Kid’s Academy. For real fans of the constructor there is a large Lego playground (sandbox).

Master classes are held in the creative zone. They are designed for different age categories. For example, you can do anything with an innovative 3D pen.Lovers of dancing and fun can visit the children’s disco and trampoline.

The methodological basis of the Academy’s programs was developed with the support of the Moscow Architectural Institute and Michurinsky State Agrarian University. Lectures, master classes and individual lessons with children at Sochi Park Academy are given by experienced educators and staff from leading universities.

Edge of science and science fiction
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