The park is open: 10:00 – 22.00 +24
The park is open: 10:00 – 22.00 +24


Take a break from the dizzying attractions in the cozy dolphinarium of Sochi Park, where exciting shows with marine artists take place. The show is included in the ticket price

Working hours

Visit to the dolphinarium is included in the ticket price to the park

Please note

We ask you to come to the performances in advance, as having a ticket to Sochi Park does not guarantee a place at the show. We hope for your understanding.

Amazing artists

The main pride of the dolphinarium of Sochi Park is, of course, marine artists. The Black Sea bottlenose dolphins Sonya, Mary and Eric participate in the show program. Exciting jumps, synchronized swimming, naughty games, riding a coach on his back – these and other tricks delight viewers of all ages every time.

Dolphins of Sochi Park

Black Sea bottlenose dolphins

Sonya: 32 years old, 280 kg, the most experienced artist

Mary: 15 years old, 220 kg

Eric: 13 years old, 230 kg, strong side – jumping ability.

Eureka: 1 year, 140 kg

Sochi Park Dolphinarium Trainers

Maxim Aleskerov and Ivan Simonov: professional dolphinarium trainers and great friends of marine artists

Dolphinarium of Sochi Park

The Dolphinarium of Sochi Park is one of the most modern in the country, where comfortable conditions are created for both visitors and marine life. The amphitheater accommodates up to 1123 spectators, the diameter of the pool bowl is 16 m, the depth is 5 m. The facade of the building is decorated with marine patterns reminiscent of the Russian Gzhel. The complex is open all year round.

A visit to the performance is included in the price of a single ticket to Sochi Park. The convenient schedule includes from two to four shows a day lasting about 30 minutes.

Dolphin nutrition

A busy schedule of performances requires proper nutrition. The artists have 5 types of fish in their daily diet. Herring, horse mackerel, red fish – a balanced menu has been developed taking into account the recommendations of the veterinary service.

Adult artists eat about 20 kg of fish every day.

Additional services of the dolphinarium of Sochi Park:

  • Photos with dolphins
  • Boating with a dolphin
  • Swimming with a dolphin for guests from 6 years old

Details by phone 8 800 100 33 39

Kid’s Zone
12:00, 15:00, 18:00< br>Thu – day off
The visit is included in the ticket price
1123 arena seats
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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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