Dolphinarium of Sochi Park is located in the Kid’s Zone. The building is painted with blue patterns in the Gzhel style

Working hours

Visit to the dolphinarium is included in the ticket price to the park

Dolphinarium and Dolphins Show in Sochi Park

Dolphinarium of Sochi Park is one of the newest and most modern one in the country. The diameter of its pool is 16 meters, the depth is 5 meters. 1123 spectators can simultaneously watch the performance of outstanding artists.

We have updated the program completely this season. We have new productions, new spectacular stunts that were not there before. One of the most difficult tricks is the ball jump. The dolphin must jump from a certain point in the pool, reach the ball at a height of 6 meters and return to the same point in the pool.

Each artist has his own character and his own view of the show. For example, the dolphin Era is very curious and loves to jump. She will surely reach a height of 6 meters in a jump. The audience loves her lambada dance, Era dances with the dolphins Sonya and Diana.

Vladimir Sapitonov
Dolphinarium coach

Dolphinarium shows are included in the park entry fee.

Additional services of the Sochi Park Dolphinarium:

  • Photo with a dolphin — you can take pictures before and after the show.
  • Boat ride with a dolphin.
  • Swimming with a dolphin. For guests aged over 6.

Details by phone: 8 800 100 33 39

Stars of Sochi Park Dolphinarium

Three dolphins and a fur seal Semyon perform at the Sochi Park dolphinarium. The stars are the beautiful bottlenose dolphins Sonya, Diana and Era. Era is only 2 years old, and she knows how to jump over her back, hit the ball with her tail at a height of 3 meters and do other complex tricks. The coach is sure that this is just the beginning, and the dolphin will conquer the height of 5 meters. Era inherited such abilities from her father.

Dolphin Pasha is a professional artist with extensive experience. Dolphin Pasha is an artist who won the hearts of visitors to Sochi Park in past seasons. He often tours, and Era is a worthy substitute for her father.

Twenty-year-old Diana and Sonya are also very experienced show performers. They toured a lot, worked on the stage of the Gelendzhik Dolphinarium.

Dolphins feeding at the Sochi Park Dolphinarium

Hectic schedules require the right diet. The actors’ daily menu includes 7 types of seafood, including fatty, proteinaceous and medium-fatty fish. Sonya weighing 310 kg and Diana weighing 390 kg eat 15 kg of fish every day. Era has a dairy diet, but she needs 3-4 kg of fish.

Children's corner
The visit is included in the ticket price
1123 места в зрительном зале.
Рассадка в дельфинарии осуществляется согласно санитарным нормам с соблюдением дистанции. Наличие билета в парк не гарантирует места на шоу
Sochi Park Dolphinarium is the best choice for families with children

If you are relaxing in Sochi Park with your family, visit the dolphinarium. It is located in a landscaped park area with an abundance of flowering plants. The visit is included in the ticket price.

Show in the Sochi Park Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium has a convenient schedule. The show program lasts up to 30 minutes. The Dolphinarium has two to four performances a day, depending on the season. You choose what time to attend the show.

Dolphins are amazing animals

Dolphin intelligence only slightly differs from human intelligence. There are many legends about their intelligence, natural friendliness and other wonderful qualities. Communication with them is considered to be healing and constitutes one of the new fashionable trends in psychotherapy.

Adults and children love dolphins for their lively character, artistry, fun and playfulness. We recommend that parents with children visit the dolphinarium when they come to the Sochi Park.

July 23rd is World Whale and Dolphin Day. This holiday has been celebrated since 1986.

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