Medvedia is a great adventure for the little ones! The space includes a trampoline complex, a game obstacle course, 3D mazes, rooms for children's parties and a family cafe "Fed Bear"

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Medvediya is a two–level space with a trampoline complex, a game obstacle course and 3D mazes for children up to 160 cm. Here young researchers will be able to test their dexterity and coordination.

In Medvedia, you can take a breath after an active holiday and have lunch with the whole family in the cafe "Well-Fed Bear". A varied menu with an interesting presentation will be appreciated by both adults and the youngest guests. In addition, we are pleased to offer to celebrate an unforgettable birthday in themed rooms for children's parties.

Terms of visit

50% discount on the ticket at the rates of "Medvedia"/"Medvedia Unlimited" is included in the Sochi Park ticket (any of the fares), for children from 90 to 160 cm tall. The discount is valid on the day of visiting Sochi Park and 3 days after.

  • children from 90 to 160 cm in height attend the entertainment center at the open rates of the center;
  • visiting Medvedia for child care is included in the price of the "Medvedia" ticket/"Bears unlimited";
  • a child under the age of 14 inclusive visits the DRC "Medvedia" under the supervision of an adult accompanying person, each subsequent accompanying child additionally pays for admission to the children's entertainment center.

We monitor the allowable number of guests so that you feel comfortable visiting the Studio. In case of maximum load, the employees of the center have the right to temporarily restrict the passage of visitors to the territory of the entertainment complex. Thank you for your understanding!

Rules for visiting the children's entertainment center "Medvedia"

Get acquainted with the tariffs

How to get there

You can get to Medvedia both from Sochi Park and from the Olympic Park – a separate entrance is open for guests from the side of Mezhdunarodnaya Street. Address: Sirius Federal Territory, 12 Mezhdunarodnaya str.

Birthday in Medvedia

You can also spend an unforgettable birthday in Bears!

Every birthday person, regardless of age, gets a discount on visiting Sochi Park. The discount is valid 1 time a year directly on the birthday, as well as for 3 days before and after it. A discounted ticket can only be purchased at the Sochi Park ticket office, you need to have an identity document and date of birth with you.

Especially for children, we have developed festive entertainment programs with the participation of professional artists

Download the presentation


The artist in the image of the chosen character gathers a team of the birthday boy and goes with them on an exciting thematic journey. Games with props, dancing, lots of positivity.

Duration: 60 minutes.

The maximum number of participants is 10 people.
Over 10 participants – an additional artist for 3,000 rubles.


Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: 7,500 rubles.

The maximum number of participants is 10 people.
Over 10 participants – an additional artist for 3,000 rubles.


Space disaster! Ranger almost collided with a meteorite, and now the device needs the help of brave astronauts. Young daredevils under the guidance of the captain will have to find the missing compartments from the space map of the ship! The team is waiting for incredible challenges, and only friendship, courage, courage and ingenuity will help them solve all the difficult tasks and lead the young astronauts to victory!



There are many secrets hidden in the Bears, and even dinosaur tracks can be found here! At least that's what the legend says, but so far no one has discovered these artifacts. But it's so interesting to feel like a real paleontologist, find traces of the rarest kind of giants and become the discoverers of the oldest secrets! Let's go on a journey, solve puzzles and get a reward for passing all the tests!



Karrrramba! A pirate ship has moored near our shores! Finally, you can try on a secret pirate name and go on a sea adventure! Ahead of the young robbers are waiting for interesting and difficult challenges that must be overcome to find the coveted chest of gold!



You won't believe it – a daring robbery happened in our fairy-tale world! The attackers hacked the "Case No. 1 of the Bears", and only the best special agents can solve this crime. Participants need to show logic, knowledge and dexterity, and then they will definitely complete the tasks and solve the case!


Cost of master classes

  • up to 5 people – 4,000 ₽
  • up to 10 people – 8,000 ₽


A master class on making slimes is an incredibly exciting and relaxing process. The child independently chooses the texture, color and smell of the lizun he needs. The finished slime can be supplemented with sequins, small elements and foam balls. All materials are checked for safety, and the slide production procedure is strictly under the supervision of the presenters.



At the master class, children will be told how to make an original designer thing out of an ordinary T-shirt, and most importantly – a unique one. Even if all the guys are given the same stencils and paints, everyone will still get a unique thing that can be worn for a long time. Special paints are used for painting, which are not washed off during washing. The main thing is to follow all the instructions of the master class leader.


Additionally, you can purchase the services of a photographer.

Read more about the possibilities of holding a children's birthday party in Sochi Park.

Заявка на проведение дня рождения

10:00 – 21:00
Visiting under the supervision of adult escorts
Ticket sales at the ticket offices stop an hour before closing
The number of seats is limited
Age: 0-14 years
height – no more than 160 cm
weight – no more than 80 kg
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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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