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Sweets can be not only tasty, but also healthy! Natural ingredients, low calorie content, exquisite taste are the features of the marmalade produced by Moremelandiya Shop

Moremelandiya Shop is a magical handmade marmalade workshop. Craftsmen prepare unusual marmalade for everyone, even for people with the most demanding taste. There is no greater joy for children and adults than natural delicious sweets!

The composition includes only natural ingredients — the best gifts of nature:

  • pectin, which is produced from apples and citrus fruits;
  • molasses — the main source of natural energy, natural carbohydrates;
  • citric acid with antioxidant properties;
  • fruit and berry juices, nuts, natural colorings and flavors.

In comparison with the other sweets, marmalade is a low-calorie treat, which means that it can be consumed by those who take care of their figure shape. It is suitable for vegetarians and those who like tasty and healthy snacks.

We will select for you and your loved ones a gift set of sweet joy — Moremelandiya Shop marmalade, which will make any holidays or surprises tasty and memorable!

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The Moremelandia store is open during the park’s opening hours.

Shop visits are subject to sanitary requirements

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A control measurement of the Visitor's height is made at the time of visiting the Park in shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
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