The Atomarium scientific and educational center

The Atomarium guides invite you to the high-tech «Land of Scientific Wonders». Visitors to the exposition will literally be able to “touch science” and see with their own eyes the operation of physical laws.

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The exposition consists of 23 interactive exhibits and is made in the style of the book «Alice's Adventures in Wonderland» by Lewis Carroll. It turns out that science is as interesting and exciting as the most magical fairytale. You can get up into the air with a simple block system, and the "interplanetary scales" will show you how much you weigh on Mars or Venus.

The center's moderators are guides to the world of science. They will acquaint young visitors with physical laws, natural phenomena, important scientific discoveries and technical inventions. Free fall acceleration, the Periodic Table of Elements, electromagnetic induction will not be boring terms from school textbooks, but understandable elements of a fun game.

You can touch the exhibits with your hands, press buttons, throw balls, move objects and move yourself to get a closer look at the effect of perspective, the laws of gravity and even the interaction of the nucleus with elementary particles.

Visitors to the Atomarium can play laser croquet and atomic basketball, read a distorted message, play a laser harp, create their own mirage and start a chain reaction. Guides will tell you how to apply scientific discoveries in practice and how advances in technology lead to new scientific discoveries.

The concept of the Atomarium was developed and implemented within the framework of the project for the network of Information Centers for Atomic Energy with the support of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation .

Land of Science and Fiction
Recommended for children over 6 years old

The visit is included in the ticket price

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