Sharadeika Anti-Museum

An entertaining anti-museum where you can touch each of the fifty exhibits! Learn to untie the Houdini knot, measure the speed of sound, or make a real whirlwind!

Sharadeika Anti-Museum is an amazing place. You cannot touch the exhibits in a typical museum. But the exhibits of Sharadeika Anti-Museum were created to be touched, twisted, rotated, disassembled and assembled.

There are puzzles, active tests, static and moving illusions, prefabs and other exhibits. You can build an arched bridge, measure the speed of sound with an echophone, or try to untie the Houdini knot that only one in eighty-five people can handle. Interactive exhibits will allow you to create a real whirlwind in the shape of a donut with your own hands, feel like a human battery from the Matrix and make an aimed shot at a target from air cannon.

New impressions, knowledge, amazing discoveries will stay with you after visiting Sharadeika Anti-Museum!

Alley of lights
Doesn’t require a separate ticket
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To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free