Firebird Shot'n Drop Tower

The highest free fall attraction in Russia with a catapult effect

Experience incredible emotions from flying behind the precious FireBird feather!

While soaring up at a dizzying speed get ready to see an incredible picture — from a height of 65 meters, a magical view of Sochi Park, seascapes and snow-capped mountain peaks opens up for your eyes. Or maybe somewhere far away in the blue sky you will be lucky to see the Fire-Bird?

An unexpected abrupt descent will bring no less adrenaline and emotions!

Enchanted forest
Kids under 10 years of age visit the attraction only if accompanied by an adult
65 meters, 21 km/h
20 seats
From 7 years old, minimum height is 122 cm
Choose ticket
To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free