Bowl Flyer

A family slide will allow you to share unforgettable emotions with the dearest people

The only rollercoaster on which even young extreme lovers from four years old can ride!

A winding track at a height of 16 meters with steep ascents and descents will give an exciting ride for children and adults. The trolley moves at a comfortable speed, and you will have time to enjoy every second of this unforgettable journey!

Edge of science and science fiction
During the park's working hours on full days
Kids under 8 years of age visit the attraction only if accompanied by an adult
45 km/h, 408 m
4 cars, 16 seats
From 4 years old, minimum height is 107 cm
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To select a tariff more accurate, we recommend to measure the height of guests taking into account shoes. Entrance for children under 107 cm in height is free
JUNE 1: BIRTHDAY OF SOCHI PARK, BEGINNING OF SUMMER, NILETTO CONCERT Hurry up to buy tickets for a grand celebration – tickets are cheaper online 
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